Greetings Grace Covenant,


Well, what a blizzard that was!  It was every bit as much as the weather forecasters said it would be.  It has been a long time since I saw church cancelled.  I hope you are all safe and sound now that we are mostly dug out. 


Has it ever struck you how quietly snow arrives, and yet how powerful and heavy it becomes as it builds up?  In fact, I am praying this week for our brothers and sisters at Calvary Fellowship as their roof caved in from the weight of the snow.  My snow photo of my own yard posted to social media came with the couplet, "Soft as a feather, heavy as a brick, inclement weather is here to stick."  While each individual snowflake seems insignificant, once there are millions of them, they are quite a force to be reckoned with. 


This is a powerful image of how our thinking is transformed.  Small bits of truth (or error) that we take in minute-by-minute, day by day affect us significantly over the long haul.  Each thought, like one more snowflake, continues to shape our thinking. 


This is why we have begun reciting the New City Catechism (NCC) in our worship service each week.  Throughout the year, we will be accumulating small doses of truth that have the power to radically shape our minds.  I want to personally invite you to join us in the journey. 


"In its simplest essence, a catechism is a statement of faith using the practice of question and answer recitation.  Catechisms are used to teach foundational theology (the Gospel and the Apostle's Creed), biblical ethics (the 10 Commandment) and spiritual experience (prayer) for adults and children alike."  


Here are three next-steps you can take to participate together with us:

  • First, each week, simply keep the bulletin insert with the NCC question and answer.  Put it on your refrigerator, mirror, bulletin board, or dashboard-wherever you are likely to see it.

  • Secondly, memorize each week's question and answer.  If you are over age 12, you may think this too difficult.  But you can do it!  If you make an honest effort to memorize by reciting repeatedly, quizzing yourself and doing it with others, you can get the truth to stick, not just melt away on your mind.

  • Thirdly, reflect on the message and study with others.  Whether you do this with a small group or with your spouse or family, talking about it together with others will help you learn the message. 


I'm looking forward to this journey together with you.  May God's truth accumulate in our minds and transform us by its power.  We welcome you to visit the page on the Grace Covenant website by clicking here .

Grace and peace,

Pastor Tim



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